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Project Sitapaila FAQ
  1. Nos. of Blocks?
    Two no of Blocks- Block -A and Block-B

  2. Total no. of Apartments?
    Sixty-Seven nos. of Apartment

  3. Nos. of saleable apartment?
    Fifty-Seven nos. of Apartment are saleable.

  4. What will be the ownership transformation process?
    Ownership transformation process will be as per individual Houses i.e. Ownership Certificate (Lalpurja) which will be provided by the Government of Nepal. 

  5. How much is the ownership transformation fee?
    Ownership transformation fee will be as defined by the Government of Nepal. Currently this fee is two percent of the contract amount for the apartment.

  6. For what period will the apartment building be valid?
    Generally the life of any building is considered to be seventy to hundred years.

  7. What will happen to the building after that period?
    Till date, the law for this issue has not been set by the government. Thus, the law set by the government will be applied in the building as well.

  8. Who will be the owner of the building after that?
    The owner will get the same percentage of the building that he owns today.

  9. Will there be a management committee?
    Yes. The management committee will be formed among the apartment owners.

  10. What facilities will be included in the infrastructure and the community facilities?
    ·       Two Lifts in Each Building. i.e Four Lifts in total.
    ·       Deep boring with water filtration Plant.
    ·       Underground water tank with pressure system.
    ·       Fire Hydrant provision with Wet risers.
    ·       Hot water with Boiler System.
    ·       Transformer for the supply of regular voltage.
    ·       NTC Points for telephone.
    ·       NEA Lines for electricity.
    ·       Intercom Facilities.
    ·       Cable Lines with Internet Facility.
    ·       Round the clock Security.
    ·       Recreation area with Sauna, Jacuzzi and Gym provision, separate  for ladies and Gents
    ·       Common open space with greeneries.
    ·       Swimming pool.
    ·       Temple.
    ·       Basement Parking.
    ·       Septic tank.
    ·       Fire-escape staircase
  11. What will be the garbage disposal system?
    Garbage disposal system will be managed by the Management Committee.

  12. What will be the parking facility for individuals as well as guests?
    Basement parking as well as surface parking.

  13. Say, I have brought one parking space recently. And all your parking spaces are occupied by others. After three years, I need two more parking spaces. Where do I park those two vehicles then?
    In that case the ideal choice will be rental parking, in near by safe place.
  14. What will be the chimney outlet system?
    Chimney outlet system will be as per normal kitchen or by forced ventilation.
  15. What will be the system for hot water as well as cold water?
    Underground water tank with pressure system in each apartment.

  16. Will there be a gas house?

  17. What will happen to the lifts in case of power failure?
    There will be generator backup for the lifts and common space.
  18. Will there be insurance for the building?
    Insurance is a must as per Apartment Act. Till the handover, TCH will do the insurance & after handover, Management Committee will take care of the insurance.

  19. Can the apartment be mortgaged at bank?

  20. Does the price depend upon storey as well as direction?

  21. Can apartment be used for official purposes?

  22. Can foreign citizens buy this apartment?
    Yes, but the property will not be transferred in the name of foreign citizens.

  23. What will be the guest identification system?
    EPBAX system as well as monitoring system.

  24. Who will pay for the physical damage of the apartment in case of hazards like earthquakes, fire etc.?

  25. Say I live in the first floor. I will never need to use the lift. Do I need to pay for the lift?

  26. Is your building apartment earthquake resistant?
    It is not Earthquake resistant, but it can resist earthquakes up to
    8 Richter scale.

  27. When is the handover of this building?
    Ashwin end 2067 onwards

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